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    Hi coach
    As the season approaches we are all looking for ways to improve areas in our teams, I might be able to help out at a very low price. I have put together 6 teaching DVDs that deal with different aspects of coaching football. These include three position drill DVDs along with a practice planning DVD, a special teams DVD and a multiple 50 defense DVD. I have posted previews of these DVDs on youtube so you can get a feel for what the DVD offers. These DVDs cover the same skills and drills that have allowed out program Win Four State Titles, one runner-up, appear in the semi-finals three additional years, and qualify for the playoffs in Illinois for ten straight years. These results can be verified at

    You can email me any time at if you have questions

    Each DVD is just 15 dollars which includes shipping, there are also package deals offered on my website as well. If you are interested please take a moment to check out the free previews or my website at

    Offensive Line Drill DVD ? It explains how to teach offensive line play without the use of a sled

    Defensive Line Drill DVD ? Over 25 drills to teach D line play without having to have a sled

    Wide Receiver Running back DVD Over 25 drills that can be used to teach WR and RB play

    Special Teams DVD Every area of special teams is coverd, It will give you a great system to teach special teams

    Multiple 50 DVD A complete defense for every situation, I will also show you how we bend our 50 defense to take on the spread offense!

    Practice Planning DVD This DVD covers how we teach offense and defense to each player, every night! This DVD will get your players a tremendous amount of reps each night and give your staff direction on how to set up a effective practice plan which will lead to great results on game day!

    The entire package can be purchased for just 70 dollars and I also offer 3-4 dvd packages as well.

    Thanks for your time and I hope you will check out the previews

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